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Home Buying Made Easy

Home Buying Process Chart

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Hillside Homes is Odaho's premier home builder currently building in Wind River Estates.

Purchase Agreement

With a small deposit on your home (typically only $200), we will reserve your lot and begin construction on your home.

Your Home Loan

Meet with one of Hillside Homes' preferred lenders, or meet with your own, to be approved for your loan to purchase your new home. Be sure to explore all of your loan options with the different down payments and monthly payment options.

Your Loan Approval

The lender will provide you with a pre-qualification letter of approval. The pre-qualification letter tells you the amount you can spend on your new home and your approximate monthly payment.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Next to moving in, this will likely be the most exciting part of your home buying experience. During the pre-construction meeting you will have the chance to select colors, floor and wall coverings, appliance packages and make certain decisions on upgrades. Your down payment will be due at this time.

Home Construction

Your home is now under construction and you will see it begin to take shape right before your eyes. Your Hillside Homes representative or construction manager will be in contact with you regularly with progress updates and to answer questions.

Phase I Review

Prior to the plumbing, electrical and air duct work being covered with drywall, you will have a chance to walk through your home to become familiar with these important components of your home. We recommend bringing a camera to this orientation so you can take photos of what will soon be out of view.

Construction Completion

Your new home is now complete. Soon you will be moving in!

Final Walk Through

Your Hillside Homes representative or construction manager will take you through the final walk through your new home. At this point you can be sure that all items have been completed.

City Inspection

The city will conduct its own final inspection to ensure that everything has been built according to plans, code and safety specifications. This gives you added piece of mind that your home is built your way.

Final Orientation

Your Hillside Homes representative will walk you through your completed home one final time and explain how to access and use such things as electrical fuse boxes, water heaters and main water and gas valves.

Home Ownership Transfer

At this point, your newly constructed house will soon become your new home. You will meet with the title company to sign papers tat transfer ownership to you. Once the money has been transferred, you will be given the keys to your new home.

Move In

Once the papers are signed and the money has been transferred, you will be given the keys to your new home. Congratulations! You are a new home owner and you can begin moving in, arranging furniture and enjoying your new Hillside Home.