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All the digital news and information content fit to download on your smartphone, desktop, or laptop computer. Also, get a Dose Of News #DONews by signing up for two daily City Images #CityImages E-mails /CIMAGES/1343516871#/

Our aim is to engage all visitors in multiple dialogues concerning current events, politics, arts, local news, sports, finance, and the media. We especially focus on ways #WeThePeople can get involved, make changes, and build a more informed global community.

We strive to be welcoming, curious, skeptical, and solutions-oriented.

What is being done to address inhumane conditions?

What is life like to live in different cities of the world?

How can we feed and provide healthcare to all?

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According to @Springer Publications, a 76-year-old woman In Australia was the victim of a fatal rooster attack by her domestic animal on her rural property while collecting eggs. /

The bird pecked her lower left leg causing significant hemorrhage with collapse and death. The decedent’s past medical history included treated hypertension, hyperlipidemia, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, and varicose veins.


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How many times did we hear that #Mexico was paying for the #USA border wall? Now he's stealing money from our military budget?

The Pentagon is halting hundreds of projects to allocate billions toward military construction for Trump's border wall and the question is why? If the people of Hong Kong can bring about change in China and those in the UK can do the same in Great Britain, why then can't it be done here?

He works for #WeThePeople and what happens when anyone lies to their employer? YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Climate Change Forum

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According to UN scientists, global emissions are reaching record levels and show no sign of peaking. The past four years were the four hottest on record, and Winter temperatures in the Arctic have risen by 3°C since 1990.

Sea levels are rising, coral reefs are dying, and we are starting to see the life-threatening impact of climate change on our health, through air pollution, heatwaves and risks to food security.

Fearing Evacuation

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Slow-moving hurricane Dorian pounded The Bahamas and is dangerously close to Florida’s coast today before soaking the East Coast of the #USA for the next several days.

Forced evacuations are now a hurricane-season ritual throughout the Southeastern US. Whenever storms threaten, residents of coastal states board up and hit the road, where the traffic lanes are reversed to offer a speedy escape inland.

Toxic Leadership

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Have you noticed that so-called leaders are devastating and become toxic, then end up affecting our safety and emotional stability?

These are some reasons to rethink our situation with those who do not share our common views and can sabotage our lives.

They only talk about them and never attempt to fix problems.

They only complain about how bad everything is going.

They always find some reason to badmouth the USA.

They aren’t interested in a reciprocal relationship.

They risk our physical and emotional well-being.

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Happy Birthday Billy

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Billy went round in famous circles. RIP William Everett Preston. He was born on this date in 1946 in Houston Texas. The amazing American musician’s work included R&B, rock, soul, funk, and gospel. Preston was a top session keyboard artist and musician during the 1960s. Billy backed artists such as Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and The Beatles.

Billy Preston Will It Go Round In Circles HQ Remastered Extended Version /4e0Ltt0r_N0

Labor of Love

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We’re not really referring to romantic, spiritual or erotic 💗 Love ❤️ This is about the love of country by practicing our civic duty to vote.

Truly exercising our democracy requires plenty of dedicated work. It involves time for planning, research and then either going to the polls or voting via absentee ballots. Unfortunately, most folks don’t appreciate blessings, such as our freedom to vote until we lose it.

USA Shootings Are Massive

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The death toll rises to an unlucky seven after a gunman's rampage left more injured following a routine Texas traffic stop.

The victims range in age from 15 to 57. The 22 wounded at 15 crime scenes included three police officers and a 17-month old baby.

Mass shootings are US and the problem is that #WeThePeople have not made a real fuss and consistently mobilized to stop the carnage. Assault weapons are not for hunting they are to spread fear and this is abundantly clear.


Labor Day Weekend

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Hurricane Dorian is proving to be a nightmare for forecasters as a few miles may make a huge difference in a slow dance with the coast. The Bahamas, Florida and the Carolinas are bracing for a killer hurricane, but on this 125th anniversary of Labor Day. In 1894, I took a short bike ride to attend Orchard Beach's Swan Song Concert Series.